Dormer Loft Conversion North London

From your initial inquiry, our consultant will visit you and quickly determine the feasibility and potential of your loft. After measuring, your specific requirements will be discussed with you and advice will be given to you on what is the most suitable conversion for your property. Shortly after your consultation, you will receive a full specification and fixed price quotation that is valid for acceptance for 30 days.


There are in total five different types of loft conversion and dormer loft conversions are one of the most popular.

Where roof space is fairly limited and head room is restricted, converting the space into a dormer loft conversion is a way to extend the existing roof which allows for extra floor and head space.

Dormers protrude from the roof either at the front slope of the roof, or the back, and the most attractive looking dormers have sloped roofs - as opposed to flat roofs which do not look terribly appealling from the outside. Flat roof dormers, however, offer a little more space inside.

The expert team at Another Level Lofts know that in some areas, London and beyond, there may be restrictions on planning. If you are thinking of having a dormer loft conversion in North London, the team can help to discover if you will need permission to have a dormer added to your loft conversion, and will help you to obtain the correct planning permission if you do.

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