Professional Loft Converters in Hertfordshire

From your initial inquiry, our consultant will visit you and quickly determine the feasibility and potential of your loft. After measuring, your specific requirements will be discussed with you and advice will be given to you on what is the most suitable conversion for your property. Shortly after your consultation, you will receive a full specification and fixed price quotation that is valid for acceptance for 30 days.


Your attic space is effectively wasted space and with a loft conversion can be turned easily and quickly into a living space that will give you extra room for a bedroom, home office, bathroom or any other room that you feel that your household would benefit from.

For the very best in loft conversion for your home in Hertfordshire, North London or Potters Bar call the expert team at Another Level Lofts who will be only too happy to assist you with your project to convert your loft into a special additional room.

The highly experienced loft conversion team at Another Level Lofts have been converting attic space for many years and have designed some stunning conversions which can be seen on their website along with the glowing testimonials from many satisfied customers here. They provide all the information and advice that you will need to help decide upon the conversion that you wish them to undertake and have an in depth knowledge of local areas and local authority restrictions and are therefore able to advise whether planning permission is required and how to obtain it.

To find out more about why the expert loft conversion team at Another Level Lofts are the experts in converting your loft into a wonderful extra space call them on 07966 136 996 or find out more by emailing the team for a rapid reply.

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