How to Keep Your Loft Conversion Cool in Summer

Since heat rises, your newly converted loft may feel hotter than the rest of the house during the summer months. There are several things to consider during the planning stages of your loft conversion and after installation, to ensure it isn’t unbearable when the weather gets warmer.

Good ventilation is vital. A properly ventilated room will allow air to circulate, preventing too much humidity. This is particularly important in bathrooms, which generate a lot of steam. Ventilation flaps are a suitable option because they can be set to open at particular times during the day by means of a timer. This allows old, dank air to escape and fresh air to enter and means that you don’t need to leave a window open when you’re out and about.

Insulation is also something you need to think about with regards to the temperature of your house. Not only does good insulation prevent warm air from escaping during the winter, it also stops hot air building up during summer. The type of insulation you choose will depend on factors such as your budget and your personal preferences.

Although it may seem obvious, installing an air conditioning unit is another great way to keep your loft conversion cool in summer. Unfortunately, installing and running air conditioning can be expensive and isn’t good for the environment. However, if you install a solar powered unit, you won’t impact your carbon footprint too drastically.

If you have a Velux window in your loft conversion, you should consider buying blind or other type of screen to cover it. Otherwise, when the sun is shining in, your loft will start to feel like a greenhouse. With our professional support and expert planning, you’re guaranteed to have a loft conversion that you love, all throughout the year.