How to know if Your Loft is Convertible

At Another Level Lofts, we can give you the professional support that you need to find out whether or not your loft can be converted into something habitable. There are lots of things to consider and some lofts may need substantial structural work, which may not be worth the financial investment. Of course, you won’t know if a loft conversion is a suitable choice without an expert opinion, but here are some things to think about in the meantime to help you make your decision.

What is Your Budget?

When investing your money into something, the size of your budget is always a big factor in determining the scope of the project. Loft conversions can vary in cost which depends on numerous factors. It’s wise to have a budget in mind from the get-go and make that clear with whoever is carrying out the work from day one. That way, there will be no surprise fees throughout the process!

Is Your Loft Big Enough for a Conversion?

Head height is important when determining whether or not your loft is convertible. Although it may look like enough room, you must also consider flooring and roof insulation, which will take up a fair amount of space. You don’t want to have to crouch down whilst in your new conversion.

It’s also important to have enough space for a permanent staircase; this is actually a legal requirement. If you have to sacrifice space on the floor below to fit a staircase, is it truly worth it?

Do You Have Planning Permission?

Of course this depends on the size of the project, but your loft conversion may require planning permission in order to comply with local guidelines. Many types of loft conversions don’t need it, but it’s always worth checking.

If you would like some professional advice or a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact Another Level Lofts.